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About Us



Allow us to introduce ourselves. We proudly present Long Island Golfco, a spirited gang of childhood buddies hailing from the vibrant enclave of Lindenhurst, Long Island. In the wake of our recent epic expedition to the sacred golfing Mecca known as Pinehurst, a fervent inferno blazed within our souls. We simply had to infuse the golf apparel industry with the unique Long Island attitude we know and love. Whether you're a fearless hacker or a skilled low capper, and everyone in between, Long Island Golfco is on a mission to ignite our shared passion for the game. Brace yourselves for our epic inaugural launch, where we unleash a dazzling collection of fresh swag that pays homage to Long Island’s storied heritage and illustrious eminence in the realm of golf.  Stay tuned for riveting tales of our founders' wild adventures on the course, insider tips and tricks, cautionary tales of what not to do, and, most importantly, exclusive updates and sneak peeks that will be gracing our social media channels very soon! Let us embark on this thrilling journey together, fearlessly gripping our clubs and unleashing our prowess upon the fairways!  #LIGOLFCO


Mission Statement

At Long Island Golfco, our values revolve around a commitment to excellence in every aspect of life. We uphold the utmost importance of high quality products, exceptional golf experiences, and, above all, a life of remarkable quality. Our purpose is clear: to provide unmatched value and give back to the community that has nurtured us and our loved ones for countless years. Driven by our profound love for Long Island and the game of golf, we aspire to enrich the lives of ourselves, our friends, and our neighbors, fostering an innate sense of purpose, boundless passion, and unwavering intention. We transcend the label of a mere golf apparel company, positioning ourselves as the architects of transformation, unveiling the boundless potential within each of our cherished customers and clients, one individual at a time, all while ensuring an awe-inspiring appearance throughout the journey.   #LIGOLFCO

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